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One of the ideas of this site is to list every adult Pursey in the 1841 census. Ancestry.com lists 350 or so individuals. If we allow for an average of 3.5 children per couple, that makes about 100 parents.

However, a good number of Purseys manage to keep themselves well under the radar. Use the form to see if we can shed any light on them.

London, England
In 1820, a Benjamin Pursey, aged 38 was buried in St Benet, Paul’s Wharf Church in the City of London. His address is given as Upper Thames Street – the same street as Christopher Pursey, formerly of Taunton, Somerset. Any ideas as to Benjamin’s family – or how is related to Christopher appreciated!

Sandridge, Australia
In August 1867, George Pursey, publican, was discharged from insolvency. Who was he?

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