The Pursey Project Database

A repository of Pursey family members from the UK and worldwide

'Gussens' in Welwyn, Hertfordshire

The home of Sarah Pursey of Hertfordshire in the 1740s

Welcome to the Pursey Project database

This database is a work in progress. It contains about 15 or so trees of various Purs(s)ey lines from Somerset, Devon, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London and elsewhere.

In addition, there are three Percy trees from the Dorset area as well as the one showing the descendants of Thomas Percy, Gunpowder plotter. Further, there are two or three trees - Odds and Sods - listing individuals and families I cannot place in the county-specific trees. If your ancestors are amongst them, please do get in touch.

Generally, it lists family members up until around the mid-1850s. If you would like to see your line featured, please do get in touch.

Harriet Fraunceis Purssey

Thought to be Harriet Fraunceis Purssey (Griffith) at the time of her marriage in 1808 to Richard Purssey in Stogumber. (With thanks to Ralph Ballard)